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Counselling and psychotherapy have been deemed as essential services which means we are open during the second lockdown. Our doors will remain open to the public and we are available for face to face counselling sessions.

We also offer support online and encourage you to continue to contact us or book online should you need support in these uncertain times.

Did you know that we offer support sessions online? Thats right, no matter where you are or whether you can come into our centre or not, we can support you right from the comfort of your own home

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Anxiety and grounding

Anxiety and grounding

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Know who to contact when.

Knowing who is there to support you is essential to receiving the support and care needed.

What Our Clients Say

I recommend the Acorn Therapy Centre very highly. It was excellent.

The surroundings in the Acorn Therapy Centre are immaculate - no clutter to distract the mind. I feel that helps the process because often when you are upset, your mind already feels cluttered. The therapy rooms I was in were light-filled, lots of free space around and very, very quiet - all things I found conducive to calming that cluttered mind. In a word it was peaceful. On my second appointment I sat in the little waiting room which is sweet and again, calm. Water and forest sounds filled the space and were comforting.

A calm inviting atmosphere with incredibly caring workers

Having found Acorn whilst researching places that I could get the help I needed, I came across this wonderful place. A calm inviting atmosphere with incredibly caring workers. My counsellor helped me to overcome the worries and issues I had. I cannot fault the Acorn Therapy Centre for the help they gave me.

My experience as very helpful and encouraging

Hi, I believe that the centre is looking for some feed back from previous or current clients. I'm happy to give my experience as very helpful and encouraging. I see personally the centre like this one to be extremely important to have access to. Yours sincerely, Brian

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